Patient Flow Strategy

project in progress


  • A mid-size non-profit health care system
  • 1 hospital, a small integrated medical group operating in 15 clinic locations, 3 post acute
    facilities, and a free-standing outpatient medical and radiation oncology center
  • $335M in net patient revenue

The Challenge

The client is experiencing limited capacity, without supporting volume, with loss of revenue due to excess length of stay. The organization has a strong desire to reduce length of stay, but has been unable to identify enduring strategies for length of stay reduction.

The Eleva Approach

  • Completed assessment of patient flow across the continuum, including current state data availability, process mapping, and evaluation of current strategies.
  • Evaluation of current technology utilization with discovery of severely outdated technology software leaving organization unable to produce relevant reports. Organized inexpensive technology update allowing for increased utilization of system and data visibility to support process redesign.
  • Identification of a Senior Leadership Champion and implementation of a metric-focused Patient Flow Steering Committee. Committee meets routinely and information is disseminated widely.
  • Development of a patient flow measurement plan to allow for monitoring, measuring, and influencing organizational throughput metrics to include LOS, ED boarding, Readmission, and others.
  • Development of a surge plan that allows for a planful approach to ED and Inpatient volume.

The Results to Date

  • System-wide awareness and knowledge of patient flow concerns, including the importance of achieving length of stay targets and the impact on revenue and capacity.
  • Early reduction in ED ”decision to admit” to bed time.
  • Positive, focused, optimistic, data driven culture that is “hard on process, but not on people”.
  • Identifying and implementing technology to support process, when and where appropriate.